Why do a consultation at Rapids Alterations if someone else will work on my gown?

Why should I do a free consultation at Rapids Alterations if I’m going to have someone else work on my gown?
Every year we have brides coming in to Rapids Alterations to “fix” alterations done by someone else.  Alterations are complete but the dress still doesn’t fit correctly or just doesn’t feel right when she has it on.
The bride, at her Rapids Alterations fitting, will tell us how she feels about the fit of her dress. We will listen to her, study the dress and offer an answer of what is needed to be done make the dress fit properly.
Most times we hear two replies: “My girl said that couldn’t be done” or “My girl said she wouldn’t do that”. While there are many fine seamstresses who work out of their homes, this is an example of the difference between a professional shop and home seamstress. Our strength is in the skill set of our 8 seamstresses and with over 125 years combined years sewing experience there isn’t much we haven’t seen or tackled.
Many times what couldn’t be done by the other person, is just a standard bridal alteration to us. Altering the sides of the bridal gown for example; to some it my seam a daunting task with all the layers, rouching, boning, lace and bead work. Taking in the sides of a bridal gown is a common alteration to us.
The bustle is another area that many home seamstress’s are lacking talent in completing.  Most of the time the bustle is too long with inches dragging on the floor. Sometime the bustle is just uninspired for the glory of the dress. We have been told by brides that her girl said this was the only bustle she could do. Believe me there tons of different bustles you can choose from rather than settling on what your girl knows how to do.
Like I said, there are many fine seamstresses who work out of their homes. Before you take your gown there though, please consider coming into Rapids Alterations for a free, no obligation bridal consultation. We will look at your dress and suggest alterations to be done along with pricing. Then when you go to “your girl” to do the fittings, you will be armed with knowledge of what needs to be done to your dress and what can be done to your dress. Then, if your girl says no, you have an option other than a dress that doesn’t fit.