Why Appointments Needed in the Bridal World?

Brides are very special people preparing for the day they have been dreaming about for years. Allow us, in the bridal business to cater to you, to be ready to meet you and listen to your ideas. Calling for an appointment is not only polite -but sometime it’s crucial. Spontaneous acts are great in most situations – until the day you and your girl friends decide at the last minute to go bridal shopping and cannot be helped at the shop because all the clerks are tied up with customers already. Same for alterations. Our shop has someone working during business hours, but only certain people actually do bridal fittings. Appointments are made to ensure a bridal professional will be available to assist you at your fitting. Walking in without an appointment may work, but I would hate to waste your time and mileage by not having anyone available to help. A quick phone call can set up your fittings and ease your mind. Welcome. We are here to help you.