How many layers are being hemmed?

Designers wish everyone was tall and skinny – however we beautiful females come in every shape and size. And sometimes – even with 6″ stilettos- your gown still needs to be hemmed. Hemming wedding gowns is a timely task. If it appears a hem will be needed on your gown, here are some things to consider-there are many layers, linings, petticoats, underlinings, lace over-lays, beads, lace, wings, appliques, pick ups and the list goes on. Every time something is added to the hem of your gown the difficulty factor, the time involved and the price increases. The experienced staff at Rapids Alterations have hemmed hundreds and hundreds of gowns. Bringing your gown to us is the first step to insure that you may trip the light fandango but you won’t be tripping during your steps down the aisle.