I Love the Lace – Can it be shortened?

A beautiful lace hem adorns the gown of your dreams. It is beautifully intricate and just what you dreamed of. Some lace hems are a breeze to shorten; and unfortunately, shortening some lace hems can also be timely, tricky and expensive.

There are 3 basic structures of lace hems:

1. Lace trim edging with or without beads/sequins sewn directly onto the lace edging

2. Lace trim edging with beads/sequins sewn to edging after it is sewn onto the dress

3. Lace that is all one piece with no separate trim edging

1. Lace trim:

The lace trim is removed from the fabric. The gown is hemmed and the lace is sewn back on.

With lace trim with beads/sequins sewn directly to it, the beads/sequins are sewn onto the lace and then the lace is sewn onto the gown. The lace and beads come off the fabric together when removed. The gown underneath is hemmed and the lace sewn back on.

2. Lace trim edging with beads/sequins sewn to it after it is sewn onto the dress:

In this case the lace cannot be removed since the lace is sewn onto the gown first and then beads and sequins are applied sewing through the lace and dress fabric together. If the lace is removed, the beads will come off. The lace is carefully cut from the fabric, moved up and sewn back on.

3. Lace that is all one piece with no separate trim edging:

One piece lace hems are sometimes cut along the pattern or they can receive a traditional rolled hem. The choice depends on the type of lace and the wishes of the customer.

Many things effect the final price of a lace hem. Lace hems are charged by the number of layers with extra time charged to deal with the lace. Extra charges for lace hems can range anywhere from $10 to $200. The complexity of the lace and how it was sewn onto the gown all contribute to the time consuming the hem.

The use of can-cans or crinolines can sometimes eliminate the need of working on a hem at all. Putting a can-can under the skirt will lift it and sometimes it lifts it to a proper hem height. Rapids Alterations carries a myriad of styles and sizes of can-cans and rents them for $50 or one may be purchased for an average price of $70.

At Rapids Alterations we are always concerned with your bottom line and will make suggestions in different price ranges to help you choose how your gown will be altered and what the final cost will be for your perfect fit.