How do I come prepared to my fitting?

Allow enough time in your schedule for fittings, typically four. We make appointments for fittings and schedule brides for an hour. Please be on time. If you can’t be there, call and reschedule your appointment. This is especially important during the height of bridal season when fittings are booked solid 3 weeks in advance.
In order to have your dress fit you perfectly on your wedding day, fittings need to be done with you, the bride, wearing exactly what you will be wearing on your big day. You will need the exact undergarments at your fitting that will be worn on your day. If you are planning on wearing these items, the exact ones need to be brought to each of your fittings: bra, spanks, slip, can-can, shoes and anything else that goes under your dress. Not having these items with you may cause your fitting to be rescheduled.
Your last fitting is very special. You get to wear your dress in all its splendor. We teach whoever you bring how to hook your bustle or how to do up your corset or buttons. We suggest using this time to try on your veil or decide on jewelry.
When your alterations are complete, you will be able to walk and dance and party in your dress. Granted, if its strapless, breathing might be optional. ( A little strapless humor there.)
Perfect Dress. Perfect Fit. Perfect Day.