How are alterations priced?

With alterations and repairs, each item is priced separately and each task on each item is priced separately. For example: taking in the sides of a shirt may cost x, taking in sides plus going all the way through the hem will add to the initial cost because it takes the seamstress longer to complete the task since she needs to redo the hem also. Each project takes a different amount of time depending on the task done and garment construction. Common alterations have set prices. Custom or unusual alterations are charged by the hour. For better estimates, bring in the project for pricing. 

When will my items be ready for pick up?

Typically the item will be completed in five (5) business days or less. Items needed sooner can be prioritized and will accrue a rush charge dependent on when the item is needed.    

Do I need to make an appointment for bridal or formalwear?

Appointments for bridal and formal dresses are required. Please call 320.255.9083 to make these appointments. For more information on the bridal and formal wear alteration process please go to https://rapidsalterations.com/bridal-formal-blog/ 

Do I need to make an appointment for everyday clothing alterations or repairs?

No appointment needed for everyday clothing, items or repairs.  Simply drop off during normal business hours. 

Is it worth altering/repairing?

Do you love it? Is it your favorite? Do you want to go shopping to replace it? Can you replace it? Ask yourself these questions. We can’t decide for you but we are here to help alter or repair your items perfectly so you can keep your favorites.

My zipper is missing teeth can it be repaired?

Once the teeth break on a zipper it cannot be repaired. The entire zipper needs to be replaced. Of course there are a few exceptions such as if the broken tooth is near the top of a coat zipper or the very bottom of a jeans zipper. Sometimes the slider/pull can be replaced and the zipper stopped before the damaged area, so a full replacement is not required. Look along the broken zipper, if there is velcro or snaps along the stitchline they may have to be lifted and replaced which will be an additional cost

My zipper is splitting. Does it need to be replaced?

No! Typically if the zipper is simply splitting open a new slider/pull is all that is required. The slider’s job is to mesh the zipper teeth together.  If the slider is worn or damaged the teeth will not mesh together properly causing them to come open when zipped. A new slider is needed and that replacement is done while you wait!

Can the zipper on my backpack/purse/bag be replaced?

We can replace the slider or the entire zipper if necessary. Bring it to the shop during regular business hours in order to get the best option and estimate.

Can I make my shirt with tails shorter?

Yes! Whether you want to keep the shirt-tail effect on a dress shirt or have it hemmed straight across we can do whichever is preferred. Keep in mind shirt-tails are traditionally intended to be tucked in pants while straight hemmed shirts are intended to be kept untucked.

Can the original hem on my jeans be kept if they are hemmed?

Yes, of course! Here, that is called a buckle hem and it is a special hem technique to keep the original stitching and hem fabric. Recommended for designer brands such as Silvers, Miss Me, Buckle, etc.

Do you alter curtains or drapes?

Absolutely. Come prepared with the desired measurement and adjustments required. When measuring, please measure the curtains and not the window and length from the rod.  Hem prices are determined by the width of the curtain per inch, and the amount of layers.

What do I need to have in order to have something custom made?

When requesting a custom made item we request you provide all necessary materials to create your order such as a pattern, fabrics, buttons, and special trims.  Measurements will be needed. If you do not have a pattern for your custom order, we will charge our hourly design rate to create one. Please allow more time and be prepared for extra fittings as needed.

Do you repair shoes?

If we can fit it under our machine we will fix it! Bring the item in during regular business hours so we can determine if the repair is doable.

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