RA Bridal Consignments

How Consignment Works

RA Bridal Consignment is a bridal gown broker that offers the consignor (seller) a well-displayed showroom and maximum exposure for selling high quality, pre-owned and gently used wedding gowns.  Consigning eliminates the time/cost of  advertising, strangers in the home, and assures the highest price for your items.

Consignments are by appointment or walk in as time permits, Monday through Friday during business hours.  If you are Walk-In and we are unable to help you then, you may leave your dress and come back at a scheduled time.

Please call (320)255.9083 to schedule a 15 minute consignment appointment.

Current styles (less than 5 years old) sell the best.  We accept Bridal Gowns, Veils and Belts.

Wedding gown should be cleaned with no stains.   If dry cleaning and/or repairs are needed, pre-payment  will be required at contract signing. Rapids Alterations does offer a discount on wedding gown dry cleaning.   When the gown is cleaned/repaired, your gown will be offered for sale. If your gown is in a preservation box, you will be asked to take the box with you.

Your gown will be placed in our store for 6 months. After 6 months, you have the option to either pickup your unsold gown, or your gown will default to become property of RA Bridal Consignments. It is your responsibility to keep track of your pickup dates. We do not contact you when contracts end. 


How Is My Gown Priced & How Am I Paid?

RA Bridal Consignment will price your gown to sell with resale pricing that is fair to both buyer and seller. Typical consignment price for a worn gown is 50% of new retail.  Never worn gowns will garner a higher price.   Our goal is to sell your quality item for maximum profit quickly. We offer you 50% of the sale price of items sold, less any fees.  Fees may include a possible credit card processing fee.  


A $1,500 dress at 50% will have a $750 consignment price.  If it sells, using cash, Consignor would get a $375 check.  A charge card purchase would be charged the split fee of $7.50 and the check amount will be $367.50. 

That same dress marked down 15% after 30 days will have a consignment price of $637.50. Cash consignment payment of $318.75, charge card fee of $6.38(if needed) with a payout price of $312.37.

Original sales tag, receipt or pictures are helpful.

Items may be reduced for discount sales at 30 and 60 days. 

A check will be cut and you will be called within 15 business days after the sale of your gown.


Why Didn’t They Take My Gown?

In order to accept an item for consignment, we must be confident that it is not only wearable, but sellable. It’s our goal to make money for you! Just because we don’t accept an item doesn’t mean it’s not a quality item. Odds are it’s just not what fits our needs right now. 


Not sure about consignment?  

Send us a picture of the gown, along with designer, year and color to sewperfect@rapidsalterations.com



Information for  the Purchaser

Gowns are available during regular business hours.

Purchases are paid in full – cash or charge/debit card.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about a particular dress.  However, if we are helping other customers, you may want to make an appointment.

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