Your Gown Is Precious – Preserve It For Generations!

When the champagne bottles are empty, and the candles are blown out, your wedding gown becomes a cherished heirloom you’ll want to last forever. At Rapids Alterations, we know just how important your gown is, and our gown preservation service is critical to ensuring your dress will remain flawless for generations to come. It is important that your gown be preserved soon after the wedding. The longer you wait to have the service completed, the more likely irreparable damage to your dress can occur.

Bridal Gown Preservation is essential. During the wedding, the photographs, and the reception, stains and soil accumulate on the fabric of your dress. Sometimes these may not even be visible. However, without proper cleaning, those stains can set into the fabric permanently, and the unseen soils can yellow your dress over time. Our professional gown preservation service begins with a comprehensive but gentle cleaning to remove stains and dirt from the fabric. Extra care is taken to make sure that your dress is handled with the highest level of care. Even difficult stains can be removed to restore the beauty your gown was meant to possess.

Your gown will be preserved locally and will be hand-delivered there and back to Rapids Alterations. There is zero chance of it being lost in shipping.

After your gown is cleaned, it will be professionally packed into a specially designed storage box. The box will prevent damage from dirt, dust, and insects. A proper dress form is also used to keep its shape intact. Your gown will be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper to eliminate contamination within the box, and you can rest easy knowing that its original intended condition will remain intact. Best of all, your precious dress does not need to be sent across the county, but can be professionally preserved locally. No longer need you worry about loss or damage in shipping. The best methods for gown preservation are available right here in Central Minnesota.

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