What if some of the beading is missing?

Does your gown have missing beads? Or maybe just not enough?
Most dresses come with a little bag of beads to replace a missing bead or two. But what if you want more or your off-the-rack dress has many missing beads? Finding matches is the difficult part here. The first place to start looking is at the bridal shop itself. They may have more “little bags” from other dresses from the same designer. If you purchase a separate sash which has bling and want to match that bling – simply buy two sashes. After a trip to the craft department for beads you will discover that finding matching beads is only possible for the simplest of bead styles. Any bead out of the ordinary will be difficult to match. Rhinestones and crystals are more difficult to match yet. You can add beads where there were none and then incorporate the new beads among the original beads to make it look blended and not added on. Appliques with bead work on them can be purchased and these can be sewn onto the dress. Bead work is all done by hand and it takes time. Bead work is custom work and is charged by the hour. Beads should be sewn onto the gown – not glued. Be sure to talk about time with the alterations person. Giving the shop a dollar amount you are willing to spend on bead work is also helpful. Bead work can make a beautiful dress exquisite; anything you dream of can be done.