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I Love the Lace – Can it be shortened?

A beautiful lace hem adorns the gown of your dreams. It is beautifully intricate and just what you dreamed of. Some lace hems are a breeze to shorten; and unfortunately, shortening some lace hems can also be timely, tricky and expensive. There are 3 basic structures of lace hems: 1. Lace trim edging with or […]

Is My Dress Too Long?

To determine whether your dress needs a hem try this simple test. Walking slowly and with your head up looking straight forward, walk forward towards a mirror or someone watching. If the dress curls under while you are walking you need to hem your dress shorter.

Wear Your Dress Properly – Is it on correctly?

First you need to determine whether the dress is on your body properly. This might seem like an overly simple thing but it is not that easy and this first step will reflect on everything else that happens to your dress. The dress needs to fit onto the bust, not below the bust. There should […]

Does My Strapless Dress Fit?

A strapless dress needs to be skin tight at the waist. The waist is the narrowest part of the body and making the waist fit perfect will ensure the dress cannot slide up or slide down. It will stay in place at the smallest part. If it seems tight, but you’re not sure, grab the […]

Does posture affect the fit of my dress?

Good posture can take off 10 pounds and dramatically improve how your dress looks on you. Try this: stand with your back against the wall. Line up your head, shoulders, rear and heels against the wall. Now step away from the wall keeping everything aligned. That is your body with good posture. I have stooped […]

What if I’m not on time for my fitting appointment?

Rapids Alterations makes appointments for all formal and wedding gown fittings. An appointment ensures that someone will be there to do your fitting when you arrive, and also that you will receive the attention you need during that time. While we do accept walk-ins, we really appreciate appointments for planning out the day. Please arrive […]