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How do I come prepared to my fitting?

Allow enough time in your schedule for fittings, typically four. We make appointments for fittings and schedule brides for an hour. Please be on time. If you can’t be there, call and reschedule your appointment. This is especially important during the height of bridal season when fittings are booked solid 3 weeks in advance. In […]

Can a gown be drastically altered?

So you know exactly what you want and can’t find it. We can take 2 or more dresses, tear them apart and put them back together how you like. Sleeves from this dress, bodice from another dress, skirt from the a third dress. Look at fabric color, type and weight for best matches. The alterations […]

What if some of the beading is missing?

Does your gown have missing beads? Or maybe just not enough? Most dresses come with a little bag of beads to replace a missing bead or two. But what if you want more or your off-the-rack dress has many missing beads? Finding matches is the difficult part here. The first place to start looking is […]

When should I order my gown with alterations in mind?

If you have already visited a bridal shop you may have heard that it might take 6 months to a year before you have your gown in hand if you order it. Bridesmaids sometimes take up 6 months to receive. This should be a warning that these things take time. So finally, now you have […]

Are there good dresses on the clearance rack?

Bridal Gown Alterations Tip #3 Many wonderful gowns can be found at rock bottom prices by those who search. Gowns can be bought on-line, at consignment shops or in the back room at the local bridal shop. Sometimes they are pristine new, but more so they may be gently used or shop worn. One of […]

How many layers are being hemmed?

Designers wish everyone was tall and skinny – however we beautiful females come in every shape and size. And sometimes – even with 6″ stilettos- your gown still needs to be hemmed. Hemming wedding gowns is a timely task. If it appears a hem will be needed on your gown, here are some things to […]

What is a bustle?

Wedding Gown Alteration Tip #1: If your gown has a train, you more than likely want/need a bustle. The bustle is the technique used for the dress which lifts your train up off the ground so you can walk and dance without fear of tripping. Since each bride has different tastes and are different heights, […]

Why Appointments Needed in the Bridal World?

Brides are very special people preparing for the day they have been dreaming about for years. Allow us, in the bridal business to cater to you, to be ready to meet you and listen to your ideas. Calling for an appointment is not only polite -but sometime it’s crucial. Spontaneous acts are great in most […]